Northern Thailand becomes refuge for over 9,000 Myanmar battle evacuees

The northern province of Thailand, Mae Hong Son, has turn into a refuge for over 9,000 civilians pressured to evacuate because of the escalating battle in Myanmar. This report has been confirmed by relevant authorities who acknowledged that 9,064 refugees sought shelter in three districts of the province, particularly Mae Sariang, Khun Yuam and Muang. There are already measures in place to supply these refugees provisional help.
The refugees have been unfold throughout 5 completely different shelter areas, which embody Ban Sao Hin in Sao Hin of Mae Sariang, with three,431 occupants, Ban Phaekhae in Mae Ki of Ban Khun Yuam, which currently houses eighty two people, Ban Joprakhi in Mae Khong of Mae Sariang with 726 occupants, Ban Anu in Mae Khong of Mae Sariang which has a total of 316 people and finally Ban Mai Nai Soi in Pangmoo in Muang district, providing shelter for three,771 refugees, reported Bangkok Post.
In a separate incident, three members of the Karenni Army (KA) endured injuries on account of airstrikes conducted between 6pm on at some point and 6pm on the following day, as revealed by intelligence sources gathered alongside the border. These airstrikes were a retaliatory response from the Myanmar navy forces, for a confrontation instigated by the KA fighters.
It was divulged that the army used FTC-200G and K-8 plane to execute their retaliatory airstrikes. Sources report that four airstrikes were launched within a 24-hour window. Best selling is characterised by cases of insurgent teams launching attacks on military bases, such because the occasion at Ban Doi Sang in Pangmoo and an outpost in Mokjampae, each within the Muaeng district..g

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