Car bomb shock in Narathiwat: No casualties as police shut district (video)

In Narathiwat, a automotive bomb detonation led to the short-term closure of a region surrounding the location of a police base situated in Sungai Kolok district. Hidden did not end in any accidents or deaths.
The incident happened near Orakan intersection, in proximity to each a rail route and the advert hoc police stronghold numbered 9313. It was roughly 8pm when the explosion took place, reported Bangkok Post.
It seems that the bomb had been secreted inside a automobile that had been left in situ amidst a downpour, stationed on the aforementioned intersection. Eyewitness reports detail that the individual presumed to be the car’s operator swiftly vacated the car simply moments before the bomb went off, quickly departing from the neighborhood aboard a motorbike which had been conveniently left near the automotive.

Following the detonation, investigators discovered fragments of the destroyed automobile strewn throughout an approximate 100-metre radius, with numerous license plates included amongst the collected particles.
As a necessary step towards making certain the security of the public and allowing for unhindered investigation, local police applied a short lived restriction of access to the surrounding space. This was done in anticipation of a radical examination being carried out by each the bomb disposal unit and forensic police.
In June, a roadside bomb blast within the Rueso district of South Thailand‘s Narathiwat province injured three monks and two volunteer rangers. The explosion took place close to an agricultural equipment store in tambon Rueso as a white van carrying the monks from Wat Phairot Pracharam passed by. The monks were within the space to gather alms..g

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