Repeatability or non-repeatability?

As Download , you sometimes face the challenge of making decisions for which there is no “right” or “wrong”. What sounds very philosophical at first has a very real background. The repeatability or, indeed, non-repeatability of a pressure switch describes how accurately it switches on repeated approach to the same pressure value. Which makes this … Read more

Sustainable production through robust pressure measurement

Sustainability may be the megatrend for the several-hundred tyre plants worldwide. Among other things, this includes increasing both energy and production efficiency by avoiding rejects while simultaneously shortening production cycles.Sustainability ? already during productionDespite all the electronic aids, a car today still has only four points of contact with the road, each barely how big … Read more

Preventing the ingress of moisture through the cable of submersible pressure transmitters and level probes?

If you intend to measure the level of a liquid easily and reliably, most people can do this using hydrostatic pressure measurement, e.g. with a submersible pressure transmitter or perhaps a so called level probe. The characteristic submersed application implicates a maximum exposure to the surrounding, mainly water-based medium, respectively to ?moisture?.Exposure isn’t only limited … Read more

Pressure transducers in semiconductor manufacturing: There’s no way around UHP

The production of semiconductors places high demands on pressure measurement technology. Instant Savings , for example, are deployed in a UHP “ultra high purity”) design. This article explores the question of why such high-quality instruments are necessary and what properties they must have.During semiconductor production, the pressure transducers are exposed to highly aggressive, toxic or … Read more

Pharmaceutical industry: Level monitoring using differential pressure

In many processes in the pharmaceutical industry, reliable level monitoring is indispensable. Numerous solutions are available for this task. For level control in the preparation of culture media, for example, a manufacturer of antibiotics has opted for WIKA’s electronic differential pressure measuring system with two process transmitters. It operates with high accuracy and is also … Read more

Electronic pressure sensor/pressure transmitter or mechanical pressure indicator?

For some years now, it has been possible to increasingly automate production processes, and by doing to to achieve substantial cost reductions in some cases. This raises the question: does it still make sense to use mechanical pressure measuring instruments? Profitable to this question is obvious and simple: yes. Both electronic pressure sensors and mechanical … Read more